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April 26, 2006


Phil Nash

This is the time of year when attitude means everything. Just like a sports event, where the champion athletes reach deep to give themselves that extra burst of strength or speed, teachers have to reach deep into themselves to remember why they are teaching in order to get through these year-end blues. That "fry bread moment" or the time where you helped your dad's friend with an IEP issue remind you of how much you have learned, how much you have accomplished, and the enormity of the impact you are having.

Hundreds of years ago, your ancestors might have traveled to their provincial capitals to take a multi-day test to determine who would go to Beijing to represent the local community in civil service exams and other competitions. Today, you are representing not only your family but also the community of people who care about you and the important work you are doing. Reach deep and find that extra bit of energy and strength to get to the finish line.

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