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September 15, 2005



I clicked on the teacher magazine blog site and found your message. I really enjoyed your writing style and ambition. So, I read a bit further. I hope you don't mind me writing to you, but I quite admire you for the job you have set out to do.
I am currently a middle school librarian (much easier than Sped, but I do miss the classroom sometimes) in my 30+ year.
We had 25+ international students over the years. Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, Korea, Denmark, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. I enjoyed my Asian children so much that I feel hurt when I see an Asian person and he/she won't speak to me. Silly, eh?
We were in New Mexico this summer. We enjoyed Sante Fe, but we love Taos. Way too expensive to live there, unfortunately.
I used to dream about working in a Native American school. I am part Mohawk; perhaps this makes me more interested.
If you are willing to write to me, I would be glad to send some books or something for your kids.


whoa, some attempt to hit you?? tell them im on the national chinese martial arts team and i'd be happy to fly over there to teach someone a lesson if they lay a hand on you.


Dennis, were you talking to me? They didn't hurt me, just hurt my feelings when they don't smile or speak! But thanks for the offer. You are very gallant! Are you really a martial arts guy?
Or were you joking about the whole thing? That is the trouble with computers--you can't see facial expressions and body language. Of course, that is also the good thing about them--you can chat in your jammies!

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